Tingen Law Coronavirus Response

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These are unprecedented times.

Like you, I’ve seen that phrase repeated a million times across the blogs and websites of companies large and small who are publicly setting out their work policies during COVID-19.

What follows is Tingen Law response to the current pandemic and how we plan to work with clients in the interim.

Check this page for updates to our coronavirus response as public health information is updated, or government policies change.

We Are Open for Business

First off, Tingen Law remains open for business. The most recent order from Governor Northam in Virginia permits Tingen Law to remain open, while encouraging those who can to telework from home as much as possible. As a result, we’ve made the following adjustments to our work and hours for the safety of our employees and clients.

Office Hours & Remote Hours

Tingen Law employees and attorneys are working during their regularly scheduled office hours, 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. However, the physical office space is only open for limited purposes, and during limited hours.

Our front reception area is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 9AM to 5PM. During these hours, clients may come into the office to sign documents, collect and drop off mail or other important paperwork, and make payments.

Desktops, doorhandles, and other surfaces in the reception area are wiped clean throughout the workday. Hand sanitizer is available at multiple locations throughout the office. Employees are encouraged to regularly wash their hands.

Evening hours on Tuesday have been cut back to 5pm, and the office is closed Wednesday and Friday.

Remote Work & Appointments

Tingen Law continues to schedule appointments for new and existing clients. Appointments are strongly encouraged to take place over the phone, and approximately 99% of all current client appointments occur remotely.

Our staff continues to work remotely, respond to inquiries via email and text, and manage cases over the phone. From an operational standpoint, Tingen Law can continue to work at full capacity.

Some administrative tasks are inherently delayed as a result of remote work, such as the timing of mailing government submissions, and we ask for the patience of our clients as we manage these tasks in the safest way possible.

Employee Policies

We feel it’s important for our clients and public to know we have also instituted sick leave and flexible work policies to ensure that all of our employees can take as much paid sick leave as possible. We have put this policy in place to encourage our employees to take the safest course of action possible.

In the event an employee of Tingen Law begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, they are encouraged to seek testing, and then to self-quarantine in their own homes. This policy, combined with our remote work policy, helps us maintain a safe office environment.

Government & Court Policies

Given our work as an office of lawyers, we are acutely aware of the difficulty and uncertainty COVID-19 has caused in our court system and in the government agencies we routinely work with. We will notify clients on a case-by-case basis how court closures, filing deadlines, and signature requirements are adjusted during the pandemic.

We want to thank all of our clients as we work through this difficult time. We want you to know that we are open for business and doing all we can to give you access to justice during these challenging times.