Nation of Immigrants

For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a high quality podcast. Several years ago I started listening to a few online marketers and other influencers, and felt that I had a voice I could share in my industry as well.

Immigration is a topic that is, obviously, very near and dear to me. I’ve grown to love not just my practice area as an immigration attorney, but the clients I serve as well.

That’s why I’ve decided to speak up and speak out about an issue that is hotly debated and so influential in the online conversation today, and that I happen to know very well: immigration.

Putting Nation of Immigrants together

I’m really grateful for the amazing and interconnected world that we live in. The internet has allowed me to come up with a podcast concept, and have professional quality sound designer, graphic designers, and video editors create the primary assets of my podcast intro and outro.

The Logo

I wanted a logo that symbolized in part what we do here at the firm–guide and protect our clients as they navigate the tangled legal system of our nation’s immigration laws.

I also wanted to communicate that I’m a trusted source of immigration news and information.

Finally, I wanted something friendly that also says the U.S. truly is a Nation of Immigrants.

I feel like we got there–it took a couple of revisions back and forth with the artist, but I really like where we landed with the iconography of people united under a common flag and protected by that shield.

The Music

I knew that I needed high quality intro music for the podcast. I was lucky enough to find a professional sound designer with years of experience working out of L.A.

I loved the intro music he come up with for the Nation of Immigrants concept, and I honestly didn’t give him much to go off of. But I feel like he captured a sound that really reflected what I was going for–something that says we’re about to talk about a serious, somewhat contentious topic, and that also says you’re about to hear from someone who knows their topic well.

It’s serious, but not too serious. The guy nailed it.

The Intro and Outro Video

I have an entrepreneur friend who podcasts and livestreams about golf and business. I pretty much just asked him who he used for his intro videos.

After messaging a lot of different video editors, I went with my friend’s recommendation. The person I hired was by far the friendliest and easiest to work with. The different pieces of the podcast I had hired out came together pretty well in the intro video.

All of the pictures included in the intro and outro video, I either licensed through our monthly Adobe stock photo subscription, or I got from Wikimedia commons.

Oh, and there are a couple pictures of me we just snapped in the office.

Video Intro

Video Outro

Other Production Pieces

Ready to record at my office

There is of course, a lot that goes on in a production like this. The more I do this “working for myself” thing, the more I realize you can’t really do anything by yourself. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

I learned about how to put together the equipment for the podcast from a lot of different people who offered their expertise and experience online.

People who deserve specific shout outs include our SEO at Tingen Law, Andrew Michael, and other members of my staff who gave frequent opinions and guidance.

Podcast of Immigrants?

One of the things that I love about my podcast resources–the logo, the music, and the video–is that they were created in Nigeria, Pakistan, and LA. Half of our staff at Tingen Law are immigrants.

So this podcast isn’t just titled Nation of Immigrants, it was, in a very real way, created by immigrants and people from all around the world.

Why this podcast?

It may surprise you to learn (or it may not) that there is a lot of misinformation shared online about immigration law in the U.S. Sometimes politicians and newscasters don’t responsibly comment or report on immigration issues.

And so I felt that it was important for people like me–immigration attorneys and people who actually deal with immigration law on a daily basis–to speak up.

Who is the podcast for?

Nation of Immigrants isn’t for lawyers–it’s for everyday people.

For me it was important to try to create an outlet to provide solid immigration information, without getting too far down in the legal weeds. I want every one to be able to understand how immigration issues affect their lives or the lives of their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

I recognize that while I deal with stuffy books and nuanced code sections, that doesn’t really matter to most people. So Nation of Immigrants will focus on breaking down the legalese and making it easier to understand in your average conversation.

That goal is easier said than done, because our immigration laws are very complex. Just the same, that’s what I’m going to try to do.

Where can I follow along?

I’ll be livecasting Nation of Immigrants to Youtube, so there will also be a video component hosted at Tingen Law Youtube page. Those videos will be reposted to my Facebook page and my Twitter account. Some of the videos and information will also be re-shared on my law firm’s social media accounts.

The podcast will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

Finally, everything Nation of Immigrants will be hosted here, at I’m proud to make my personal site the online home for Nation of Immigrants.

What is the podcast format?

For now, the podcast will be an opportunity for me to answer immigration questions that I get on a regular basis. Maybe in the future we’ll invite guest speakers or interviews.

But in these early stages, I get so many immigration questions a week, and on so many different topics, that I think we’ll have plenty of material to cover for a long time.

Additionally, with all the changes in immigration law and its interpretation, executive actions, judicial opinions, commentary by members of congress, and more, there’s virtually something new to comment on every week.

The ups and downs that immigrants and immigration lawyers have lived through over the last several years have been breathtaking. And I’ll be sharing with you why that is.

The Very First Episode

Today we recorded the first episode of Nation of Immigrants, and we went through those initial steps and hiccups of setting up a new production. However, for a first episode, I think it went very well.

While we’ll give the first episode it’s own post here at, I’m posting it here for you to see how the hard work of a lot of different people came together. Hope you enjoy!