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Shortly after becoming an immigration attorney I learned about investment visas. One visa in particular, the EB-5 immigrant investor visa intrigued me. And one program in particular, the Regional Center pilot program originally launched in 1992, caught my attention so much I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So I reached out to a friend of mine, and fellow entrepreneur, Aaron Stewart, and asked if he would like to try applying for Regional Center status with me.

So we got to work, registered our business under the name of Utah Global Investments, LLC (UGI), and, several years later, we finally received government approval for our Regional Center in May of 2018.

You can read our approval letter here.

I’m not currently licensed to practice law in Utah, so all of my work with UGI currently is as a partner/owner of the company. Even though immigration is a federally preempted area of the law, I’m being careful not to hold myself out as a lawyer in Utah or give any legal advice. I have applied for admission by reciprocity and hope to be admitted to the Utah bar later this year.

While I am a founding partner of UGI, I’m not really planning on a career change. UGI is very much related to law and my primary practice area of immigration.

But it also scratches my entrepreneurial itch.

Because I’ll be continuing at Tingen Law, both as Managing Partner and a practicing attorney, UGI and its investors will ultimately have the advantage of Tingen Law’ legal expertise in the area of immigration. We’ve even gone so far as to list Tingen Law as the preferred immigration law partner on UGI’s website.

Several months ago, my partners in both businesses signed a disclosure agreement to help overcome any ethical issues that might come from Tingen Law’ relationship with UGI and representation of its EB-5 investors. That agreement can be viewed here.

What this means is that UGI gets the advantage of an extremely close relationship with a quality immigration law firm, Tingen Law benefits from new EB-5 clientele, and our investors will benefit from the efficiency that results from that close relationship.

We look forward to years of success and unparalleled results for our EB-5 investors because of the close relationship between UGI and Tingen Law!

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