A Look at Access: Making Justice Affordable

More than a year ago we put a survey over at my law firm website that asked site visitors about different ways we could bring the cost of legal services down.

The most popular option selected by our site visitors was a monthly subscription that covered some legal services and provided a discount for others.

Enter Access:

We’ve been working on Access for several months and we’re finally ready to share it with the world. We offer two main plans through Access, one for individuals, and another for small businesses.

What Does Access Cover?

Here are some of the features of Individual Access:

  • Coverage for legal services for yourself and your immediate family
  • Monthly consult
  • Monthly document review
  • Vehicle related legal services
  • Family law services
  • Estate planning services
  • Civil trial hours
  • 25% discount on additional legal services
  • Secure online portal

You can read more about the specific features of Individual Access here.

Small Business Access provides many similar services, but is focused instead on the needs of businesses. You can read more details about Small Business Access here.

Why Do Something Like Access?

Like every business, the legal industry has to evolve and grow. Many people can’t afford lawyers or access to our justice system. Also, many legal needs go unmet because lawyers can’t make a living providing them, and there aren’t enough pro bono or community legal resources to meet demand.

Access allows everyday people to get access to legal services for an affordable monthly fee.

Building Access

We wanted the Access website to be more than just a place where you can subscribe to our legal services, but also provide a usable and secure online platform for you to get help with your case.

That’s why Access is more than just a subscription retainer of our law firm, it’s also a better way of providing legal services to our clients. We’re excited to start this experiment with a beautiful website and design.

Currently in Beta

While Access has officially launched, it is still in beta format, which means we are actively testing the service and working out any bugs. If you are interested in signing up for Access, go to to subscribe today using the coupon code ACCESSBETA for a discount off the first three months of your subscription.